3 Insights we shared at the 2019 Surpass conference

Where does the online invigilation practice stand today and where are the opportunities for test organisers?
Since 2018, ProctorExam has been working closely with the BTL team to bring as an additional modality for the UK company test delivery options. At this year’s user conference, held in October in Newcastle, ProctorExam’s Partnership Manager Alice Niezborala took the stage to share some insights about a practice that still remains too opaque in the assessment industry:

Leveraging remote invigilation data for better efficiency

Data behind remote invigilation are a long-talked about topic in the industry and while automated proctoring is still in the limelight, Alice suggests that test organizers should look at the data across the entire assessment journey to truly expand their test delivery strategies.

As a matter of fact, combining data from the different digital solutions involved in the candidate experience will not only provide richer profile but also ensure better efficiency in computer-based certification programs.

Leveraging insights from test applications along with the capabilities of remote invigilation could provide guidance on the sessions requiring more scrutiny, an approach that Alice labels as selective proctoring. “Selective proctoring is not only there to address some business and budget constraints, but also provide means for large scale implementation.”

Standardizing practices for quality management

Current processes in test delivery are the reflection of the industry’s long-standing experience with on-site testing. As online proctoring is growing as a complementary modality, chances are that there will be more and more convergence between the online and offline test-taker experiences.

Whether it is in relation with identity management or quality assurance in invigilation procedures, remote proctoring brings new and measurable processes which not only influence traditional test-centers operations, but also trigger the need for specific standards and norms to ensure quality.  

Opening a secure channel for test-taker feedback

In the assessment process, traditionally there has been little room for instant feedback from the most important stakeholder: the test-takers.

But computer-based testing entails a number of components that require refinement and continuous improvements, such as test design or better diagnostic of technical issues.

Introducing online invigilation does not only provide a vision of the candidate workstation, but also a real-time and supervised channel for communication, opening the doors to improve the whole learning experience for candidates.

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What is the Surpass Conference?

The Surpass Conference, presented by BTL, is an annual gathering for the members of the Surpass Community. Delegates attend the conference to learn about the latest features in the market-leading assessment platform, share their knowledge and experience, and help each other make the most of this highly respected assessment authoring and delivery platform.

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