About ProctorExam

ProctorExam is the leading European online proctoring company, offering a web-based infrastructure for remote exams. We allow candidates to take control of their education, and organisations to provide more flexibility in a cost-effective, scalable way by removing the need for the exam taker to be in a testing facility.  

First "Proctoring Infrastructure as a Service" platform, ProctorExam includes 360 degrees monitoring and recording capabilities along with a highly customisable and integrable solution for service and software companies to develop proctored and invigilated assessments. 


Our office is located in the heart of Amsterdam, where we’ve been rapidly growing ever since we completed Startup Bootcamp’s accelerator program in 2014. During that time we have been featured on TEDx Amsterdam, and we were finalists on various pitch competitions (1776 Challenge Cup, New Venture, Rabobank). More recently, ProctorExam joined the Online Proctoring for Remote Examination (OP4RE) project, a collaboration between major European institutions aimed at setting a new standard for online education by investigating the possibilities that online proctoring has to offer.

Who is behind ProctorExam?

Daniel Haven, Founder & CEO

Daniel Haven has been at the forefront of the Online Proctoring development in Europe for the past 4 years. 

Engaged founder, Daniel has developed a very strong network in the online proctoring market, through various trials conducted in the European academic arena and through his involvement in research projects, including founding OP4RE, in direct collaboration with universities.

Daniel mainly focuses on marketing, sales and partner network development.

Sanya Nikulin, Head of Development

 Sanya is a seasoned software developer with over 10 years of experience in the field. 

An expert in both front and back-end development, Sanya is also a certified ScrumMaster. He is proficient in JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, PHP, HTML5/CSS

Sanya has gathered invaluable analytical and communication skills by having previously led web developers and worked continuously to improve integration. in June 2019, he divulged into the world of online proctoring 





Alice Niezborala, Partnerships

Alice joined the team in October 2018 after working several years in the field of e-assessment and contributed to the development of proctoring and invigilation in France. 

Starting her career in blue chip organisations such as Mondelez International and Omnicom, Alice has worked as a consultant for digital companies to help them reaching their real potential. She is driven by connections, and strives in international contexts, with a main objective in mind: making education and training more accessible.


Bruno Almeida, Developer

Bruno is ProctorExam mobile and signalling specialist, having developed his skills working in and out ProctorExam’s 360 degree mobile monitoring and video streaming component.  

After graduating with a diploma in computer engineering in Portugal, Bruno joined the team in July 2017.

Guillaume Baelen, Developer

Guillaume joined ProctorExam in January 2018 after developing his full-stack skills and specialising in network and security through his experience at Stormshield. 

Guillaume graduated from Telecom Lille, a leading engineering school specialised in networks and Telecommunication in France.