Australian SoNET Systems has proudly partnered up with ProctorExam


A partnership to improve security and academic integrity in high stake online examinations

Academic misconduct, whether through plagiarism, deception or cheating, is a common occurrence in many educational settings, from primary school right through to University. With the advent of web-based learning, this problem has become even more prevalent, creating the need for online assessment software that provides a secure testing environment.

Assessment MasterTM SaaS, a product of SoNET Systems, is a sophisticated online testing platform that has proven to be a successful educational tool used by Governments, Government agencies, universities, schools and commercial enterprises in their assessment initiatives and projects.

The integration with Proctor Exam

The ProctorExam technology has been integrated into SoNET’s assessment software and is a fully web-based solution, delivered through the cloud. During remote proctoring, test-takers are monitored online during the examination through a webcam and/or microphone.

This multi-layer security system locks the computer into the testing program and prevents access to other applications which could be used fraudulently during exams. Using cutting-edge technology, ProctorExam provides a 360° view of the exam-takers surroundings, with activity viewed in real-time to establish student identity and detect any suspicious behaviour.  

The collaborative partnership between Assessment Master and ProctorExam is beneficial in many ways. Not only does it reduce costs associated with online examinations, but it offers an improved learning tool for the exam taking, and make it more difficult for dishonest individuals to cheat their way into obtaining undeserved results.




SoNET Systems SoNET is an Australian software company with headquarters in Melbourne. The company is positioned as a highly innovative and extremely flexible and efficient, professional technology group. SoNET Systems has established a solid reputation for providing software solutions for all organisational ICT requirements and deliver complex software development projects to medium and large sized organisations nationally and internationally.


Based out of Amsterdam, Proctor Exam is the largest European online proctoring company and the global leader in providing proctoring technology. Proctor Exam is leader in this domain, joining forces with many academic institutions across the globe to ensure test security in high stakes testing.  The Proctor Exam platform is a whitelabled SaaS platform that provides the main engine behind online proctoring services. 


Reach out directly to ProctorExam if you would like to partner and offer your own online proctoring services.