Flexible Proctoring for Aviation Certification Exams

Protect exam integrity to support excellence in aviation, while serving candidates across the globe, with ProctorExam’s trusted digital platform.

aviation proctoring
“Our customers don’t have to put up with long journeys. This not only saves you money but also a lot of time. We are also pleased that people with restricted mobility can now easily get their licence from home.”
- Jan Evers, CEO of Copteruni
" Thanks to ProctorExam, we are the first recognized organization in Germany, where it’s possible to obtain a drone driver’s license completely online"
- Jan Evers, CEO, Copteruni
aviation proctoring

Expand the Reach of Your Certification Exam 

For candidates who live in remote locations or different parts of the world, in-person testing can create barriers to certification. Travel costs and time spent commuting may make your exam less accessible for your candidates, limiting your reach and potentially impacting the next generation of aviation professionals.

With ProctorExam’s proctoring for aviation exams, your organisation can safeguard digital testing to promote convenient access to exam sessions, no matter where candidates log on.

Supporting Online Testing in the Aviation Industry 

After receiving approval from the Federal Aviation Office to deliver their drone licence exam online, Copteruni partnered with ProctorExam to preserve security for proctored aviation exams and increase flexibility in the licensure process.

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Deliver EASA-Compliant Examinations 

ProctorExam can help your organisation maintain compliance with European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulations for exam delivery, which stipulate that remote exams be conducted using an online proctoring system to verify candidates’ identity and ensure exam integrity.

aviation proctoring
aviation proctoring

Preserve the Value of Your Exam’s Credential 

Organisations that grant certification and licensure are the gatekeepers for professional practice, so keeping online exams secure is important to ensure candidates are prepared to enter their professions.

ProctorExam offers options for both automated and live proctoring for aviation exams, allowing you to choose the security solution best suited to the needs of your organisation.

Select the Reviewing Service That Works for You 

Whether you require live proctoring for aviation exams or the flexibility of post-exam review, our reviewing services help uphold the integrity of your exam.
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Live Proctoring

Trained proctors supervise and interact with candidates in real time.

Proctors flag and document unusual behaviour or technical issues.

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Record and Review

Any unusual behaviour or technical issues are time-stamped by trained proctors within 48 hours.

Live proctors aren’t necessary during exam sessions.

Secure Your Professional Certification Exam with ProctorExam