ProctorExam and biz:Examiner: A New Highly-Secure Remote Assessment Experience


Amsterdam and Vienna

Strong in their respective expertise in the field of online testing, biz:Develop - publisher of biz:Examiner (Vienna, AT) and ProctorExam (Amsterdam, NL) partner up to provide a solid European end-to-end solution to create, administer, supervise and correct high stake assessments, with a focus on German-speaking markets.


“With biz:Examiner, we are known for the system flexibility, for addressing perfectly the requirements of high stake exams and managing their workflow. Our clients wanted to extend their exam offerings, with remote proctoring and the possibility to use own proctors. As the only provider offering those possibilities through a proctoring SaaS platform, ProctorExam was perfectly integrating with biz:Examiner. We are very happy to join ProctorExam’s partner network.”

– Bernhard Waglechner, CEO and CO-Founder at biz:Develop


Lockdown browser & proctoring

Offering an assessment experience available through both a web-application and a lock-down browser, biz:Examiner leverages the ProctorExam API-driven architecture to integrate a new delivery option with online proctoring and provide a seamless testing experience to both candidates and administrations.


“We are proud to welcome biz:Develop in our partner network. We are receiving an increasing number of interest from organisations with both flexibility and German support as key requirements. With biz:Examiner fully integrated assessment environment, we can provide not only relevant solution but with a fast turn-around for implementation. ”  

 – Daniel Haven, CEO at ProctorExam 

About biz:Examiner

biz:Develop is the company behind the solution biz:Examiner and was founded in 2013 with the goal to build the most powerful eAssessment, eTesting and generally computer based testing solution on the globe.
Focusing on the enterprise market, biz:Examiner offers maximum flexibility for customization and system configuration, along with a premium support to grow customers usage.

From the early stage of the company, “SAP competence pass” certifications have been based on biz:Examiner solution, opening the avenue for many institutions in the fields of public and private education, vocational sector, public government institutions, HR and psychometric tests from India through Africa and Europe up to U.S. to also use biz:Examiner.

About ProctorExam

Based out of Amsterdam, ProctorExam is the largest European online proctoring company and the global leader in providing SaaS proctoring technology. The ProctorExam Proctoring Infrastructure as a Service (PIaaS) includes the first 360 degrees monitoring capabilities by using the webcam and the smartphone camera simultaneously. The platform is fully web-based solution and highly customizable by making use of the range of API’s the platform offers. All modalities of online proctoring are possible from live proctoring to automated proctoring.





Reach out directly to ProctorExam if you would like to partner and offer your own online proctoring services.