Building the legal case of online proctoring in your institution



Facilitating the usage and adoption of online proctoring in European Higher Education Institutions is one of the main objective of OP4REErasmus+ research project, whose ProctorExam is a strategic partner. 

Since 2016, experts Youssef Fouad (PricewaterhouseCoopers), Arno Lodder, Jessica Hrudey and Silvester Draaijer (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) have explored the legal grounding behind the practice of proctoring and invigilation. 


As part of the Privacy intellectual output of the project, the group has recently released documentation focusing on the context in which online proctoring can be implemented alongside with a set of guidelines to follow while undertaking a privacy impact assessment (PIA), essential step for GDPR compliance in a Higher Education Institution.

To access the full research output on "A Lawful basis for Online Proctoring", click on the link below.