Coelrind and Laser Learning Awards choose ProctorExam


Following a successful pilot,

Coelrind and ProctorExam platforms provide remote invigilation to Laser Learning Awards

ProctorExam has been paired by Coelrind with XAMS – one of the UK’s largest e-assessment platforms, to provide online proctoring to to Laser Learning Awards.

As the largest European online proctoring company, ProctorExam provided assurance and security as well as compatibility with the XAMS platform. The ProctorExam solution is fully web-based and highly customisable, and all modes of online proctoring are possible – from live to automated. It also offers the capability of 360-degree monitoring, via simultaneous webcam and smartphone camera verification.


The swift growth in the demand for online proctoring

Proctoring is a rapidly expanding option for online exams due to the flexibility it offers.

Since December 2018, ProctorExam has been running hundreds of exams in parallel with XAMS, within the hospitality and construction market in the UK. ProctorExam is EU based, fully GDPR-compliant, and operates to the very highest quality standards.

A fitting partnership

ProctorExam is the largest online proctoring company in Europe, and the global leader in providing SaaS proctoring technology. The ProctorExam platform is fully web-based and highly customisable, making use of a range of APIs. All modes of online proctoring are possible, from live proctoring to automated. The ProctorExam Proctoring Infrastructure as a Service includes the first 360-degree monitoring capabilities by using the webcam and the smartphone camera simultaneously.


« This three-way partnership fits exactly in the ProctorExam alley. Coelrind and LASER have been able to customise the ProctorExam platform to the UK target audience, making sure they receive a bespoke experience »

Daniel Haven, CEO, ProctorExam


« We are thrilled that Laser Learning Awards (LASER) is working with the XAMS and ProctorExam platform. Coelrind has been providing XAMS to LASER for the authoring and delivery of assessments for the last two years. Following a successful pilot, we were pleased to implement ProctorExam as Coelrind’s proctoring service of choice. »

John O’Sullivan – Director, Coelrind UK

« Laser Learning Awards is committed to providing the very best assessment experience for its candidates. We have worked closely with both Coelrind and ProctorExam to ensure our assessments were delivered in a timely and secure fashion to candidates. We are looking forward to working with them on many projects to come »

David Gittins – CEO, Laser Learning Awards





Laser Learning Awards (LASER) is an international awarding
organisation. It is regulated by Ofqual to offer qualifications, and is
approved by the Security Industry Association (SIA) to offer license-linked
qualifications in the security sector, under the brand name Trident Awards.
LASER is also a QAA-regulated Access Validating Agency for Access to Higher
Education qualifications.



About Coelrind


Coelrind brings together specialist expertise in the assessment and educational technology market, with a focus on developing solutions that are innovative, secure, reliable and scalable. Coelrind’s assessment platform, XAMS, is used by many of the UK’s leading awarding organisations, and has delivered examinations – online, offline, and on paper – to large numbers of students around the world. Coelrind has helped deploy fully managed solutions to all sizes of organisations, including awarding organisations, training providers, certification bodies, professional bodies, third sector organisations, government departments and corporations.