Copteruni leads drone traffic regulation with remote certification

In drone traffic regulation, national rules will soon be replaced by a common and standardised EU regulation. Read how Copteruni is already ahead of the curve.
“We are the first recognized organization in Germany where it’s possible to obtain this certificate completely online”
– Jan Evers, CEO of Copteruni
What could drone flying and online proctoring have in common? Apart from both being 21st Century new practices, they tend to be more and more combined. As over the last few years, national regulators have been introducing rules to ensure safety for both people on the ground and in the air.

Pioneering this trend is Walsrode-based training and certification provider, Copteruni. By getting the approval of the Federal Office of Civil Aviation during summer 2018, Copteruni became the first state-approved organization providing an official certification pathway fully online for Drone Pilots in Germany.

ProctorExam has been able to provide the necessary security and flexibility for Copteruni to integrate with its e-learning and testing platforms while leveraging the expertise of German-based company PRUEFSTER to supervise candidates.

The success of this full distance program is evident, with an average growth of 185% year on year of the examinations taken remotely. 
“As an online-exam-service, we need safety for our clients and usability for their candidates. With the infrastructure of ProctorExam we can offer both on a high level.”
– Tristan Gehrke, COO of PRUEFSTER
This successful partnership shows the relevance of online invigilation in a fast changing sector that is drone traffic regulation and from July 2020, national rules in Europe will be replaced by a common and standardised EU regulation. No doubt, we are only starting to read about drones flying and online proctoring!

Since the announcement of this European law, there has been a growing demand for online invigilation from the drone industry. ProctorExam has partnered with Copteruni, the first state-approved organization that provides official certificates for Drone Pilots remotely in German market since 2018. The partnership has been successful.

In 2019, we have seen 185% growth of the monitoring sessions with Copteruni. As visible from the chart below, in January 2018, there were 60 sessions happening inside of the organization. And in 2019, there are 171 sessions. 

Who is Copteruni?

Copteruni is the first state-approved organization by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation that provides official certification for Drone Pilots online. In Germany, having an official driving license provided by an institution recognized by the German state is a fundamental requirement to be able to operate drones and other aircraft models. The Federal Office of Civil Aviation, after a thorough examination, approved the online test procedure, developed by Copteruni in 2018.


PRUEFSTER is a German-based service company specialised in carrying operations related to distance learning programs. Providing trained German-speaking supervisors and support staff, PRUEFSTER has been working with ProctorExam technology since 2018 to conduct and manage examinations.
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