Give high stakes-exams in a highly secure environment, without the need for a testing facility.

Seamless Integration

We offer a complete solution for ensuring security in your remote online exams. ProctorExam can provide your company with the technology to facilitate remote testing, giving you the freedom to use the tools which best suit your needs.

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Our technology ensures that the same security standards as a testing facility are maintained, if not exceeded. The exam taker identifies his/herself, we record both their screen and surroundings, and give you direct access to all recordings. You can then choose to have the exam sessions be carefully reviewed, by both algorithms and real people, ensuring that any suspicious behavior is detected.



We guarantee that your test takers’ privacy will be protected - as an EU-based company, ProctorExam operates according to European privacy laws and all our data is stored in the EU.

cloud integration


Thanks to our solution, we can significantly cut down the costs of giving high stakes exams, without sacrificing security. Exam takers are able to take their exams from home without any additional equipment necessary.


Software as a Service (SaaS)

ProctorExam can be incorporated in your company, leaving you with a highly customized version of our platform, adapted to your needs. Our platform is fully web-based, and our APIs make it possible to incorporate it with any e-assessment tool.

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