European Online Exam Consortium: Call for Associate Partner

The European Online Examination Consortium is launching the first research project about online proctoring. Join our group and become Associate Partner.
Online exams are taking off – and students are benefiting from the ability to take their exams anytime, anywhere. But what are the pedagogical implications?

The European Online Exam Consortium will launch a substantial project in the world of Online Proctoring. I’m pleased to announce that ProctorExam is working with the Consortium to improve online exams for both remote and on campus students.

There are still openings for Associate Partners, who will be the first to review the results found by the Consortium. The upcoming project titled “The Online Exam” will give great insight into best practices. It is free to become an Associate Partner.
The European Online Exam Consortium consists of a wide range of prestigious universities from around Europe, including: Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands), FIED – Fédération Interuniversitaire de l’Enseignement à Distance (France), Fontys University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands), University of Hasselt (Belgium), University of Hertfordshire (UK), Wilhelm Büchner University of Applied Sciences (Germany), and VU University Amsterdam (Netherlands). 

The Consortium will explore and test current practices of digital examination. Innovative approaches in digital examination will be developed and adapted to create the best practices. Along with the pedagogical effects of digital examination, special attention will be paid to issues of privacy, student experience, remote/distant examination, security issues, internal digital examination guidelines and accreditation. Finally the Consortium will issue recommended procedures and guidelines for digital examination. ProctorExam will then work with the Consortium to implement the findings to improve Online Proctoring.

The partnership will look at meeting the digital examination needs of both higher education and large multinationals, including certification institutes for corporate training and awarding bodies.  
You would like to support this project? Become an Associate Partner!