Frequently asked questions

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Does ProctorExam record the sessions?

Yes, ProctorExam records the sessions, and hands over the recordings to the institute of designated exam taker.

How does ProctorExam monitor the proctors?

Every now and then ProctorExam will have a "secret student" among the exam takers who will check the quality of the proctoring service. Also, all the sessions are being recorded from both the student and the proctor side, so we can randomly select and watch recordings to assess the quality of proctoring.

Do institutes need to integrate ProctorExam with their existing systems?

ProctorExam is fully cloud-based and no hard integration is needed. Therefore, ProctorExam is compatible with all exam platforms.

What happens when the internet connection fails during the exam?

The ProctorExam platform will try to reconnect to the exam taker automatically. When the problem persists it will be noted as an incident and reported to the the institutes.

Make sure to check the exam requirements page!


What operating systems are supported?

You can use ProctorExam on Windows 7 and higher, Mac OS 9 and higher and most Linux distributions.

What browser do I need?

The ProctorExam platform requires you to use a recent version of Google Chrome.

What mobile devices are supported?

Android 4.1+ and iOS 8.0+ smart devices with a camera are supported.

What about privacy?

ProctorExam respects your privacy and complies to EU privacy laws. However, we do need to record the video feeds and monitor computer activities, in order to verify that the exam was taken according the rules of the exam. A proctor cannot look into your files without a notification. Everything is registered in the log files.

Does ProctorExam install software on my computer?

ProctorExam runs entirely trough the web browser, so no application needs to be installed on the computer. We do require the installation of a Chrome browser extension.

What internet speed is required?

A decent internet connection is required. Minimum speed: 1Mbit/s upload, 0.5Mbit/s download. Recommended: 1.5Mbit/s upload, 1.5Mbit/s download. Tethering is not supported.

How do I identify myself?

At the beginning of the exam, you have to show a photo ID with your name on it (e.g. student card, passport).

What materials can I use during the exam?

The materials you can use are determined by your institute, and will be explained when you register for an exam. It can be different for each exam.

Can I have a break during the exam?

Unless specified by your institution, this is not allowed.
Institutes decide upon the terms and conditions of the exam. You will be informed about all these terms when you register for the exam.

What do I need for an exam?

You need to have a PC/laptop. Some exams will also require a smart device (Android or iOS) with a working camera and microphone.
You will need a stable internet connection for both your computer and smart device (with 1Mb/sec upload speed).