Final call to join the first research on remote proctoring

Designed to research the pedagogical effects of digital exams, the European Online Exam Consortium will start off soon. Join us to review the outputs exclusively.
Update on the strategic partnership with the European Online Exam Consortium.

This is our last call for Associate Partners as the project is moving forward quickly. ProctorExam is working with the European Online Exam Consortium on an Erasmus+ project to research the pedagogical effects of digital exams.

You can show your support by becoming an Associate Partner! The Associate Partners will be the first to review the results found by the Consortium. The upcoming project on Online Proctoring will give great insight into best practices.

The European Online Exam Consortium consists of a wide range of prestigious universities from around Europe, including: Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands), FIED – Fédération Interuniversitaire de l’Enseignement à Distance (France), Fontys University of Applied Sciences(Netherlands), University of Hasselt (Belgium), University of Hertfordshire (UK), Wilhelm Büchner University of Applied Sciences (Germany), and VU University Amsterdam (Netherlands).
Topics of research will include:
- Accreditation Security, including fraud prevention
- Bring your own device
- Off campus examination best practices, codification and procedures
- Student experiences, with a focus on test anxiety
- Privacy issues

Associate Partners already include: University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), University of Nicosia (Cyprus), International Telematic University UNINETTUNO (Italy), UNED – Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (Spain), Dublin City University (Ireland), Institute of Technology Sligo (Ireland), University of Roehampton (UK), ACQUIN – Accreditation, Certification and Quality Assurance Institute (German), D-Teach (Belgium), EHON – Expertisenetwerk Hoger Onderwijs (Netherlands), EIT Digital (Belgium), University of Porto (Portugal), and ALT – Association for Learning Technology (UK).
You would like to support this project? Become an Associate Partner!