German Aviation approves drone examination using ProctorExam

First state-approved organisation to deliver a certification completely online, Copteruni provides official certification for Drone Pilots in Germany.

New opportunities for an emerging regulated field

ProctorExam and CopterUni received the official “green light” from the German Civil Aviation authorities to certify drone owners. With new German legislation, drone owners are required to complete an examination before flying their drones.

Therefore, CopterUni together with the local authorities researched the market to find a safe and reliable way to conduct these examinations online. As a result, a partnership with ProctorExam has been concluded to provide the necessary security and flexibility for German drone examination.

What has long been customary in the hobby and leisure sector is now also possible for commercial drone pilots: the chance to take an online exam to obtain the so-called “drone driver’s license”. German proctors (invigilators) will be live monitoring the exam takers who will be examined from the comfort of their own home of office space. 
" We are the first recognized organization in Germany, where it’s possible to obtain this certificate completely online. "
– Jan Evers, CEO Copteruni
Copteruni is the first state-approved organization that provides official certificate for Drone Pilots online. In Germany it’s a fundamental requirement to have an official driving licence provided by an institution recognized by the German state to be able to operate drones and other aircraft models. The Federal Office of Civil Aviation, after a thorough examination, approved the online test procedure, developed by Copteruni. 

The benefits of the partnership

This “alliance” between the two companies opens up multiple opportunities for both of the parties. Other aviation companies have similar needs hence duplicating this examination model abroad will provide the aviation sector with a lot of flexibility. For this reason, research is also being conducted to administer other exams with the ProctorExam technology.
" We are very proud to have the Federal Office of Civil Aviation in Germany research the market and approve the ProctorExam technology as being secure. Working together with CopterUni will open up many new opportunities for us in the aviation market.  "
– Daniel Haven, CEO at ProctorExam
The certificate offered by Copteruni is an “official certificate that proves sufficient knowledge to control unmanned aerial vehicles in accordance with § 21a (4) sentence 3 (2) of the Air Traffic Regulation”. This is in accordance with the Aviation Code (LuftVO) for the commercial use of drones / aircraft models over 2 kilograms take-off weight. In the meantime, the private use of corresponding models in accordance with the rules of the LuftVO is allowed.
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