Secure Proctoring for Government Certification Exams

Protect the integrity of online exams, while ensuring data privacy for candidates, with ProctorExam’s trusted digital platform.

proctoring government
proctoring government

Preserve the Value of Your Exam’s Credential 

For organisations that deliver certification exams online, it’s important to find reliable methods to secure high-stakes exam content. Without a reliable exam security solution, there’s no way to know if candidates referenced a cheat sheet, retrieved answers from a search engine, or arranged for someone to take the exam in their place.

ProctorExam offers a range of services for proctoring government exams to meet the needs of your organisation, as well as an identity-check system to ensure the right candidates have access to the exam.

Our Commitment to Data Privacy 

ProctorExam operates under strict European privacy laws to support compliance processes for various institutions and organisations.

We keep data collection to a minimum and take rigorous measures to protect data security, including AES-256 encryption for sending and storing sensitive exam data. This applies to our proctoring for government exams.

ProctorExam is GDPR compliant and has been granted “Security Verified” status by the ICT Institute.

proctoring government
proctoring government

Expand the Reach of Your Certification Exam 

For candidates who live in remote locations or different parts of the world, in-person testing can create barriers to certification. Travel costs and time spent commuting may make your exam less accessible for your candidates, limiting your reach and potentially impacting the next generation of government professionals.

With ProctorExam’s proctoring for government exams, your organisation can safeguard digital testing to promote convenient access to exam sessions, no matter where candidates log on.

Select the Reviewing Service That Works for You 

Whether you require live proctoring in real-time or the flexibility of post-exam review, our reviewing services help uphold the integrity of your exam.
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Live Proctoring

Trained proctors supervise and interact with candidates in real-time.

Proctors flag and document unusual behaviour or technical issues.

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Record and Review

Any unusual behaviour or technical issues are time-stamped by trained proctors within 48 hours.

Live proctors aren’t necessary during exam sessions. 

Secure Your Professional Certification Exam with ProctorExam