How did test takers experience online proctoring during the COVID-19 crisis?

Taking a test or an exam is never a pleasant thing to do. Thus having to be tested at home because of a lockdown enforced globally, in the light of a worldwide health crisis, is a very good reason not to have a nice experience. Thousands of students had to take their first test remotely using ProctorExam during this peculiar period, and nonetheless rated their experience 4 out of 5 stars on average.
A score of 4/5 stars for service satisfaction
1,900 answers from test-takers from March through April 2020

A user-friendly experience

Being an online invigilation service means ProctorExam is being used in an already stressful context by its end-users, paving the way for a complex user experience. Having a straightforward and easy-to-understand user experience for our test takers is one of our highest priorities. Our team works on continuously improving our services and system, every day of the year. And even more during the highly demanding period of the lockdown.
“The procedure is very user-friendly. You are guided through the program in a good and structured way.”
–  Anonymus, 16/04/2020

Allowing all candidates to take their exams, even from home

“The instructions were clear, the app was easy to download and use and it was easy to do it at home”
–  Anonymus, 16/04/2020
Part of the advantages of offering remote examination with ProctorExam is that as a University or certification institution you can allow more candidates to take their test, from the comfort of their home, wherever they are.

Real-time support to guide students

“The support was really good. He answered very quickly and that's very helpful in a situation where you're already quite stressed.”
–  Anonymus, 07/04/2020
During exams, our support team is ready to assist students with any questions or concerns they may have. They participate in offering a less stressful environment to test takers and we strive to offer comprehensive support, available 24/7. 
Today more than ever, we thank higher education institutions and certification companies to trust ProctorExam when it comes to online invigilation, even more so in difficult times. We are also thankful for the feedback our test takers give us every day and we will continue working towards making ProctorExam an instrument of anyone’s career goals achievement.
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