White Paper

Moving from onsite to online exams proctoring

Real-life examples from the language assessment panorama
In the aftermath of the pandemic, many language assessment vendors were forced to halt onsite examination and pivot to online proctoring. This hasty transition resulted in many ad hoc teaching and assessment plans that were never designed for long-term use.

Retrospectively, the rapid shift to online learning and assessment has proven to be a sustainable solution. From data privacy and security issues to test integrity and increasing accessibility in education worldwide, there is a lot to consider when making the move to assessments delivered online.

This white paper aims to expand on the different options available with remote testing and outline some benefits of online proctoring as illustrated by our clients in the language assessment industry.

Some of the points discussed are:

1. How test integrity is safeguarded with online proctoring?
2. Why should language assessment conductors aim for broader audience reach?
3. What is true about data privacy and security?
4. Has online proctoring facilitated or interrupted communication with test takers?