How NHL Stenden successfully conducted 16,000 exams during the COVID-19 lockdown

Discover how ProctorExam helped this Dutch University in overcoming the lockdown with regards to their end of year examinations.
When the pandemic hit the Netherlands, NHL Stenden - a multi-campus university of applied sciences located in the Netherlands - faced an unprecedented educational challenge. How to ensure its 24,000 students could not only pursue their academic courses, but also securely and conveniently pass their exams, while being fully remote? All of this in a record period of time to avoid major academic delays, with a staff being constrained to stay at home as well.

With the university’s strong international focus, online proctoring has been in the mind of the staff for a while, but the COVID-19 crisis was a true catalyst for deploying it. Discover how ProctorExam helped NHL Stenden quickly react to such a tall order by providing them with the complete and reliable remote assessment invigilation solution they needed.

Ensuring educational continuity for all students with secured online testing

Efficient control, strong data privacy and compliance standards
The university had multiple requirements for their online proctoring solution. First, it had to efficiently support fraud prevention during online assessments, while guaranteeing the quality of the test for candidates. It also had to provide strong guarantees to students regarding their data privacy and meet the highest standards of security and compliance in this area, including full GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance.

ProctorExam was selected for meeting all of these criteria, and for its ability to ensure a reliable remote exam invigilation. For a Dutch university, working with a European company definitely weighed in the decision as well. Not only is ProctorExam fully GDPR compliant, it has also adopted a rigorous privacy-centric approach, which is strongly rooted in its Corporate culture and underlines its relationship with customers.

Only two weeks for a fully operating online testing system
NHL Stenden chose the LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) integration of the ProctorExam platform with their LMS (Learning Management) system. This creates a seamless interaction for students who only have to log in a single URL to safely register and perform their test. The solution was up and running in a record time of two weeks. It usually takes 1 to 3 months for an institution to get the system fully operating for their staff and students, from testing the platform to creating mock exams in order to provide guidance to students in advance.

The university was guided step-by-step by ProctorExam during the implementation phase and after the system went live. This included getting access to resources and documentation to ensure a seamless process for the IT, administrative and educational staff, as well as for candidates.
“Students feel a sense of tension before an assessment. The information provided by ProctorExam is very useful to inform them and definitely helps ease their tension.”
– Erik op den Kelder, teaching coordinator at NHL Stenden

A positive experience for students and the educational team, opening new perspectives 

Ease of use for students

The results have been very positive for NHL Stenden, with 16,000 online exams successfully undertaken.

Students are thoroughly walked through the process, receiving all the instructions ahead of time to know what to expect and get ready for the assessment. They also have access to preparation guidelines and extensive online Q&A, as well as direct technical support from ProctorExam helpdesk during the exam, ensuring a smooth verification process.

Feedback from students one their experience is positive ; any reluctance being removed after they perform their first test and realize the process is simple and convenient.

Remote examination at scale for the institution

With the ability to provide a secure and efficient online testing system, the university staff reports satisfaction as well after a few weeks of using ProctorExam.

Where the institution used to have one person in charge of supervising between 50 to 150 onsite students and filling-in a report, it’s now possible to perform large scale exams online, making remote proctoring easy.

ProctorExam also sends detailed online reports for each exam session, with the ability to access sessions recording and drill down on multiple Key Performance Indicators, including suspicions of fraud and irregularities.

Coming back on NHL Stenden’s use of the platform, Erik op den Kelder shares the university's satisfaction: 
“ProctorExam gave our university the opportunity to organise thousands of online exams in a short period of time during this COVID-19 pandemic. The ProctorExam system is very clear, adjustments can be made easily to fit our needs, and we’ve experienced very few technical issues.”
– Erik op den Kelder, teaching coordinator at NHL Stenden
NHL Stenden already announced that remote exams with online monitoring will keep running at least until the beginning of 2021, as most students will not be back onsite until then. Looking forward, the system opens new perspectives for the university, in line with its efforts to facilitate online education through digital tools. Remote students located abroad, who previously had to get back on campus in order to take their exams, now benefit from an alternative option. In the future, this liberty of choice might extend to all students: the university is considering the opportunity of offering two options for future exams: onsite or digital assessments.
We are ready to help you implement quick and efficient online invigilation systems to help you overcome your challenges.