The First Online Proctoring Training Program


 A possibility to increase your online proctoring exams

We have seen some tremendous success over the past few months as some of our partners rapidly increase their testing volumes. However as with all new things, we’ve learned a lot about the different markets and the things that can improve your success and help your clients generate more volume.

In collaboration with MonitorEDU and we are pleased to offer the following program


The team of MonitorEDU has serviced 5+ million online proctoring sessions and have supported over a thousand ProctorExam sessions in high stake surroundings such as banks and universities since partnering with us.

In order to help you, we are offering this special package as being part of ProctorExam partners.

We are keen to offer this training program in 2018. We hope that you will be eager to join this program and you’ll able to successfully launch online proctoring services to your market.

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