OP4RE - Online Proctoring for Remote Examination

A large scale online proctoring research project

In recent years, open and online education in Europe has grown rapidly, but for many providers, it remains necessary to administer tests and exams under proctored (invigilated) conditions. Traditional forms of testing in a test center or at an institution of higher education are not always efficient, they can be expensive for both the student and the institution and as such may hinder access to, and progress in online education. Technology that facilitates online proctoring (i.e allowing students to take examinations at home) offers a possible solution to this challenge.In this project, six higher education institutions from across Europe, and a technology service provider, will collaborate to establish guidelines on how online proctoring may be used to support secure remote examinations. The project will focus on, security and privacy, practical procedures, protocols, and the student experience. Through the collaboration of the partner institutions, these areas are studied at a European level, harmonized and confirmed. This will strengthen the transnational acknowledgement of acquired competencies and improve the access to, and flow of European students through higher education.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is the overall coordinator of this KA2 Strategic Partnership Erasmus+ project. The other parties collaborating include, RISBO of the Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (Nl), Fontys hogescholen (Nl), Wilhelm Büchner University of Applied Science Darmstadt (Ge), Hertfordshire University (GB), Universiteit Hasselt (Be), Fédération Interuniversitaire de l’Enseignement à Distance (Fr) and ProctorExam (Nl).

A public website of the project is located at: http://onlineproctoring.eu


Also see this extended report on the project.