Our Partner network

API-driven, the ProctorExam environment is easy to integrate with existing systems, build upon for more functionalities or use as a turnkey platform for non-technical team. 

Discover our partners and explore how our network, from startups to global enterprises, is using ProctorExam.

In the United States, MonitorEDU with the experienced team led by Don Kassner (Founder and former CEO of ProctorU) partnered with ProctorExam to roll out our services in the US and supports ProctorExam and our global market partners. MonitorEDU has the experience to help our partners implement our Proctoring Infrastructure as a Service model across many markets.

In Spain, ProctorExam has partnered with ProtOS. ProtOS is a large educational technology provider offering products such as Rosetta Stone and D2L Brightspace. ProtOS will focus on the Spanish speaking market, having signed quickly the first few contracts in Latin America and Spain. ProtOS has a large range of clientele in Higher education and large commercial companies.

In the Netherlands, the largest exam delivery service company eX:plain partnered with ProctorExam to offer a localized online proctoring service in Dutch. Due to the strong presence in the private and public sector, eX:plain will operate both in Higher-education and work with government bodies for large national testing programs. eX:plain has recently launched their own proctoring brand powered by ProctorExam called “Proctoring-Services”.

In Norway, ProctorExam has partnered with the experienced team from Norsk Test and ECDL Norway to offer Norwegian online proctoring services. Norsk Test is an important test engine in Norway which caters to a range of sectors including the Financial and Maritime sector.

International Testing and Training Services (ITTS) provides a global network of Test Centers to Awarding Bodies such as AAT or ACCA, and Test Providers operating in the Academic, Corporate and Professional markets such as CastleWorldwide.

Services include the premises, equipment, staff and a Help Desk for clients and test takers alike in over 80 countries.

In Austria, biz:Examiner was founded in 2013 with the goal to build the most powerful eAssessment, eTesting and generally computer based testing solution on the globe.
Focusing on the enterprise market, biz:Examiner offers maximum flexibility for customization and system configuration, along with a premium support to grow customers usage.

Australia, ProctorExam partnered up with the SoNET software company with headquarters in Melbourne. The company is positioned as a highly innovative and extremely flexible and efficient, professional technology group. SoNET Systems has established a solid reputation for providing software solutions for all organisational ICT requirements and deliver complex software development projects to medium and large sized organisations nationally and internationally.

In Germany, we partnered with Copteruni, the first state-approved organization that provides official certificate for Drone Pilots online. In Germany it’s a fundamental requirement to have an official driving licence provided by an institution recognized by the German state to be able to operate drones and other aircraft models.

The AL-ARABIYYA-INSTITUTE was founded in 2011 by Eckehard Schulz, professor at the Oriental Institute of Leipzig University. The outstanding tradition of the Oriental Institute dates back to the 18th century. The textbook “Modern Standard Arabic” by Eckehard Schulz has been the standard textbook for many years, even far beyond the borders of Germany.

In the UK, the national hospitality academy can provide any hospitality business from various different occasions and locations.  With their own online multi-functional Learning Management Platform and open access to our entire library of certificated courses, the platform has full management and reporting capabilities. They offer a course building tool and communication features for complete company engagement. With ProctorExam it's taken care of the entire process. From the start to the certificate. 

In the UK, the leading provider of childcare focused training, National Nursery Training endeavors to provide the best quality training for all your staff requirements. They have developed their training portal to reduce the burden of everyday nursery management by providing an online solution for tracking and delivering all compliance training within your nursery at a cost effective price. ProctorExam helps to keep the examination process safe and easy. 

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