ProctorExam and eX:plain are officially partnering up in the Netherlands

eX:plain signs an exclusive partnership, offering new modalities to test delivery in the Dutch market, with security and identification powered by ProctorExam.
An unexpected traffic jam or an alarm that does not go off. Soon, a student will not have to worry about that when he has to take an exam. With proctoring, a new way of secure online exams , exam takers can complete their exams in the comfort of their own home or office anywhere, anytime. In order to make this possible, ProctorExam and eX:plain have signed an agreement with which they can offer a wide range of exams on a large scale under secure exam conditions to several education organizations and business companies.
" As a knowledge center for examinations and professional development services, online proctoring provides us and our partners the opportunity to approach examinations in a qualitative and cost-effective way. We can clearly notice the interest of various universities, colleges and trainers in using online proctoring technologies in their tests. "
– Eugène Wolf, Director of eX:plain
ProctorExam is a fast-growing startup that has developed an ingenious proctoring software combining multiple camera solutions to monitor exam takers. eX:plain is one of the largest exam institutes in The Netherlands developing and delivering approximately 300.000 exams per year.

By offering the new security services, exam takers will no longer need to worry about the time and location of the exam. Online proctoring solutions make possible to complete exams at home, in the classroom or at the students ‘ own workplace. The exam session will be live proctored or be reviewed afterwards by supervisor (proctor) who checks the authentication of one or more candidates and ensures the safe exam environment. Several Universities of Applied Sciences and Universities such as the University of Amsterdam, Utrecht University, TU Eindhoven and TU Delft have already been using remote proctoring technology in their examination.
" We are very pleased to collaborate with ex:Plain to offer our technology for the Dutch market. Overall, eX:plain has a strong reputation in the education sector in The Netherlands and a huge amount of experience to introduce new technologies and processes in the Dutch market. As a technology-focused startup, ProctorExam will continue focusing on developing and improving the platform. "
– Daniel Haven, CEO at ProctorExam
Erik op den Kelder, the project Leader “Life, Long, Learning” from Stenden University / NHL: “New and flexible ways of studying challenge us to also think about new test forms and procedures. The remote administration of tests taken under secure exam conditions through Live Proctoring fits in seamlessly with this. As a result, the student is no longer dependent on procedures within the university of applied sciences and can demonstrate his learning outcomes at any time by means of distance testing".
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