ProctorExam and ProtOS are partnering up



The new Alliance  presents Proctoring Online  services to companies
 and educational institutions  to perform remote eAssessments safely

June 4, 2018 – ProctorExam, world leader in technology Proctoring Online, announces the signing of a distribution agreement with protOS, Soluciones Educativas, leading provider of educational technology in Spain. As ProctorExam continues its rapid spread in Europe, Asia and America, the agreement will allow protOS to offer educational institutions and training departments in companies throughout Spain, Portugal and Latin America Proctoring Online services to ensure the reliability of online exams eAssessments safely and without travel.  


ProtOS offers advisory and consulting services for the design, development and  implementation of educational and innovative initiatives driven by technology. With experience in both public and private sector companies in Spain, the protOS multidisciplinary team provides face to face training strategies, as well as eLearning training and professional development programs. ProtOS has the resources and appropriate technology for research, innovation and development of collaborative projects together with other leading institutions in Europe.


“ProtOS is a consulting company in educational technology, with many years of experience providing services to companies and educational institutions. Our business model focuses on providing high quality services based on latest generation Cloud technology in the areas of learning and assesment. We have a commercial strategy that covers Spain, Portugal and LATAM “, says Pablo Cervera, CEO of protOS, Education.

ProctorExam offers a revolutionary cloud solution that allows both students and educational institutions or companies to perform online exams or certifications reliably and safely, verifying the identity of the candidate, ensuring that no cheating is made during the exam and avoiding any type of travels. It offers different modalities to adjust to each need, from revision of a complete deferred exam or supervision in real time with the help of “proctors”. 

“With the help of ProctorExam, our technological partner for our online surveillance services, we have the best solution today, guaranteeing maximum security, scalability and accessibility, thanks to ProctorExam, together with our remote security proctors, we can give all the institutions maximum guarantee required on all types of high-stake exams “, concludes Cervera.

“ProctorExam is the largest European online proctoring company and with our signed partnership with ProtOS, we will be able to serve the large Spanish speaking market. With ProctorExam as a technology provider and ProtOS as a service provider the market gets the best of both worlds. ProtOS will be launching the first fully Spanish online proctoring experience fully adjusted to the needs of the Spanish speaking market. Language, privacy and support will all be met providing a the customer with a local trustworthy partner together with the globally most advanced online proctoring platform”, says Daniel Haven, CEO from ProctorExam.

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