ProctorExam and Associatie voor Examinering make a very powerful combination


Associatie voor Examinering


Associatie voor Examinering, the Dutch Exam Organisation, helps the government, schools, universities and professionals by supervising exams for approximately 300 000 candidates a year.

The organisation has been in business for 75 years, so they have quite a long tradition and very strong relationships with the exam market. They have chosen to work with ProctorExam because it is a young, eager and hardworking company that has developed an advanced software.

ProctorExam’s entrepreneurship and the history and experience of The Dutch Exam Organisation make a very powerful combination.

The partnership with ProctorExam


With ProctorExam the only thing that the candidate needs is a computer with an internet connection, a webcam and, optionally, a smartphone with a camera to be able to film the area around where the exam is taken.

The educational institutions benefit by saving time through automated communication with the candidate, by saving costs because there is no longer a need for an examination location, and because the technology can be used with various examination systems. There are no more traveling costs for the candidates and they can choose the time and place of the exam.

The Dutch Exam Organisation can now offer a full portfolio, a one stop solution, to their partners. It is no longer limited just to the Netherlands and there is no need to send supervisors to oversee exams in other locations. Exams can be taken abroad and overseen with the proctoring technology. This is a great solution for helping schools and universities with testing candidates from distance, in a secure way. A deal with a very big high school that has candidates from the Netherlands, but also from all over Europe has been closed recently.

ProctorExam Infrastructure as a Service


New and flexible ways of studying demand that we consider new forms of examination and procedures. Proctoring aligns perfectly with this.

Erik Op den Kelder, Project Leader Back Office/Infrastructure Leven Lang Leren (Life Long Learning) at Stenden University of Applied Science