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Take your exams from anywhere in the world, according to your own schedule.

I remember when I had to travel all the way from Amsterdam to the US to take an exam and I thought: there must be a better way to do this.

Daniel Haven, CEO of ProctorExam


Waking up early, traveling to your campus, and sitting in the dreaded exam room can be quite a stressful experience. This can have a negative impact on your performance. ProctorExam allows you to take your exams from the comfort of your own home, reducing any additional sources of stress, allowing you to perform at your best.

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Our solution is entirely web-based, meaning that you can use ProctorExam on any pc (Ubuntu, Mac, Windows) without installing any software.



We guarantee that your test takers' privacy will be protected - as an EU-based company, ProctorExam operates according to European privacy laws, and all our data is stored on a server within the EU.

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