ProctorExam Infrastructure as a Service


Great news for the global online proctoring market: ProctorExam launches the first Proctoring Infrastructure as a Service. After two successful deployments in the United States and Europe, ProctorExam has successfully rolled out its new global strategy to disrupt the online proctoring space. 

Since launching their services in late 2014, ProctorExam has stood out by offering unique and creative solutions to enhance assessment security. It has been a consistent innovator in the online education market with its innovative 360degree monitoring with the users’ smart devices, and a full range of proctoring options. Over the past year, ProctorExam has been working to enhance their line of innovative services by introducing Proctoring Infrastructure as a service. This new paradigm has already begun to decrease cost, increase transparency, and reduce reliance on third-party services.

ProctorExam Infrastructure as a Service

ProctorExam has successfully rolled out its new global strategy to disrupt the online proctoring space.


Benefits of the ProctorExam Proctoring Infrastructure as a Service

ProctorExam deploys the Proctoring Infrastructure to organisations who have reached higher volumes of online proctored exams. The ProctorExam Infrastructure can also be deployed to partner organisations who would like to offer their own online proctoring services to their distinct market/region. Find out more in the success story section at the end.

ProctorExam Infrastructure as a Service

The benefits of using the Proctoring Infrastructure as a Service are: 1) Cost reduction, 2) SPT (Security, Privacy and Transparency), 3) API’ification, and 4) Localisation.

1. Cost reduction: Organisations that are increasingly using online proctoring have growing tech costs that create problems to their annual budgetary needs.  The ProctorExam Infrastructure as a Service curbs the growing linear costs and caps it by introducing a License fee which is a fixed annual costs for all organisation’s technology usage.

2. Security, Privacy and Transparency: With the growth of online proctoring, the reliance on the proctoring vendors is increasing while more questions are being asked about security protocols, privacy and transparency. By using your own staff to proctor exams you are more in control of the needed security protocols that vary from organisation to organisation. You uphold the privacy of your students by not forwarding them to a third-party commercial company and lastly you create a more transparent assessment delivery since you have ‘free access’ to your own online proctoring kitchen.

3. API’ification: The current online proctoring market is only scratching the surface of its potential. By providing more raw data to the organisations delivering the assessment, more life-cycle events and data points can be shared. This, in time, can greatly improve the overall security, privacy, cost-efficiency and user-friendless of online proctoring. Organisations will be more in control of outlining their own future product roadmap and not be dependent on the product roadmap of others.

4. Localisation: One of the key differentiators in using online proctoring is the service. Are the procedural documents relevant for your organisation? Do your local privacy officers agree with this new assessment delivery method? Are the proctors, help desks and IT support available in your time zone, language and/or country? Localising your online proctoring services will greatly increase the overall quality of experience. Large local organisations can embed the ProctorExam Infrastructure as a Service and start offering their own online proctoring services to their designated market and/or region. Many large organisations excel in their service oriented approach, market understanding and strong reputation. By adding the ProctorExam Infrastructure as a Service these large organisations can provide their market/region a better quality online proctoring service.

The ProctorExam Infrastructure can be deployed to partner organisations who would like to offer their own online proctoring services to their distinct market.


ProctorExam Infrastructure as a Service Products

The ProctorExam Infrastructure is a modular surveillance platform that exists out of several elements that all work independently from one another. ProctorExam Infrastructure as a service offers three products in the market:

1. Live Proctoring: A dashboard through which a proctor can survey students and have an interactive session during the exam with them.

2. Record & Review: Entire sessions are recorded and after the actual exam, screened by a two tier security system: by automated algorithms that flag certain fraud incidents, and by a proctor who can fast forward, review all of the videos and add manual comments if needed.

3. Classroom: College rooms that are transformed into digital assessment rooms, the so called pop-up digital testing holes. The students have to bring their own computer, run the ProctorExam Classroom application, which captures everything that happens on the computer, and live streams this directly to the proctor present at the facility. There are automated algorithms that help the proctors by flagging irregularities.


Student-Teacher support

In all three of the products, ProctorExam provides the organisation with a chat dashboard where staff and students can communicate directly with one another. Similar to a traditional testing hall, the students or the staff are able to directly communicate with each other when needed. Furthermore, an invigilate feature is provided to enter real-time into a stream, in order to better provide support if needed.  

By providing a large range of online proctoring products, an organisation has more flexibility into providing the best delivery assessment method for its liking.


Success story

Associatie voor Examinering

Associatie voor Examinering, the Dutch Exam Organisation, helps the government, schools, universities and professionals by supervising exams for approximately 300 000 candidates a year.

The organisation has been in business for 75 years, so they have quite a long tradition and very strong relationships with the exam market. They have chosen to work with ProctorExam because it is a young, eager and hardworking company that has developed an advanced software.

ProctorExam’s entrepreneurship and the history and experience of The Dutch Exam Organisation make a very powerful combination.

With ProctorExam the only thing that the candidate needs is a computer with an internet connection, a webcam and, optionally, a smartphone with a camera to be able to film the area around where the exam is taken.

The educational institutions benefit by saving time through automated communication with the candidate, by saving costs because there is no longer a need for an examination location, and because the technology can be used with various examination systems. There are no more travelling costs for the candidates and they can choose the time and place of the exam.

The Dutch Exam Organisation can now offer a full portfolio, a one stop solution, to their partners. It is no longer limited just to the Netherlands and there is no need to send supervisors to oversee exams in other locations. Exams can be taken abroad and overseen with the proctoring technology. This is a great solution for helping schools and universities with testing candidates from distance, in a secure way. A deal with a very big high school that has candidates from the Netherlands, but also from all over Europe has been closed recently.

ProctorExam Infrastructure as a Service

New and flexible ways of studying demand that we consider new forms of examination and procedures. Proctoring aligns perfectly with this.

Erik Op den Kelder, Project Leader Back Office/Infrastructure Leven Lang Leren (Life Long Learning) at Stenden University of Applied Science