ProctorExam is now fully interoperable

Connecting ProctorExam with your institution's LMS, whether it is Moodle, Canvas, OpenedX or any other standardised LMS platform is now just few clicks away.

What does that mean for your organisation?  

Being fully interoperable means that our product interfaces are completely understood, to work with other systems or products hand in hand. That works across either implementation or access, all without any restrictions.

That is the reason why over the past few months our main focus has remained on easing the implementation of our platform into broader learning environments. Thanks to the work of our technical team, you are now able to connect our ProctorExam platform with your institutions LMS, whether it is Moodle, Canvas, OpenedX or any other LMS platform. 

That results in the following three advantages:

Firstly, the Exam security – By utilizing the tools interoperability, the link to the online exam is now completely hidden from the candidates.

Secondly, the ease of use - Once ProctorExam receives the Content Item ID for a test, we can now automatically link the ProctorExam registration to it. Your online-exam proctoring experience will become better and better.

Lastly, the convenience - By using the ProctorExam integration that we have built for all major LMS, candidates and administrators do not have to worry about keeping track of another set of login details. That will make life easier for all our invigilators. 
Interested in knowing more about ProctorExam integration opportunities?