ProctorExam and Televic Partner to Offer a One Fit Solution for Their Clients



Televic Education forms a part of the Belgian Televic Group, that was founded in 1946, has over 600 employees and offices around the globe. Televic develops, produces and implements high-tech communication systems for specific niche markets.

Focused on e-assessment, Televic Education is a global leader in education technology innovation and solutions. With their new interactive and online Edumatic platform, they are now able to build, test and measure knowledge better than ever before.



The partnership with ProctorExam

After having the chance to work side by side, ProctorExam realized that many of its clients are also users of Televic’s Edumatic assessment application and that both companies share a similar target group.

VIVES University in Belgium and the Flemish Ministry of Education, who are offering distance learning packages for its students, are using both ProctorExam’s and Televic’s technology. Studying at distance but having to come back to Belgium for every exam wasn’t very convenient for the students, so the next logical step for VIVES University and the Flemish Ministry of Education was to not only provide flexible and distant education but also flexible and distant assessment.

VIVES’ mission is strongly focused on empowering students to take charge of their education, which is why they allow students not only to take their exams online.

By partnering, ProctorExam and Televic can provide not only the academic organizations in Belgium, the Netherlands, and France but also corporates, the opportunity to do secure digital assessments in a flexible way.


The Flemish Ministry of Education and Vives University both have many expat families enrolled, while living all over the world. As opposed to these expats having to travel back to Belgium in order for their children to continue the Flemish education, we decided to start providing them with ProctorExam’s infrastructure as a service. With our technology, they are able to complete a Flemish education while living outside of Belgium. It’s a very exciting step.

The benefits of the partnership

The biggest benefit of ProctorExam’s partnership with Televic is that organizations can now have access to a very secure way of doing digital assessments, used in a remote fashion. The test taker won’t have to travel to a test facility anymore. They will now have the possibility of being assessed from any location or environment they choose, which is a very big step forward for many corporations, education institutions, students and employees all over the world. A benefit for both ProctorExam and Televic is that they are sharing their networks and clients reciprocally, increasing their market reach and visibility, and therefore leading to more clients benefitting from their innovative remote testing technology.

We can provide our clients with a one fit solution. As opposed to having one part of the solution, these organizations can now receive the entire digital assessment process in a very flexible and secure way.

The future of the partnership

With the reputation Televic currently has in the Benelux region and France, and with ProctorExam’s technology, this partnership will lead to a combined network of clients that will grow much faster than before, when the two companies were operating individually.

The future focus will be on both the corporate and educational market, which will exponentially grow in the near future. This partnership will bring a centralized solution for any institution that needs remote testing for its employees or students, opening up new possibilities for many companies. More and more institutions will turn to remote assessments technology, as it is a much more efficient, effective and secure way of mass examination. With the combined knowledge and power of two leaders in the industry, Televic and ProctorExam, assessment will be more accessible and developed than ever before.

This partnership is a win-win-win situation; the win for Televic is more visibility and the opportunity to sell more, the win for ProctorExam are new customers who use their infrastructure as a service, and the win for the customer is that we offer a one fit solution.