ProctorU founder partners with ProctorExam to offer online proctoring in the US market

Don Kassner, former President of Andrew Jackson University and founder of ProctorU, is launching MonitorEdu, a new proctoring service powered by ProctorExam.
Don Kassner, who founded ProctorU in 2008 while he was president of Andrew Jackson University, has created a new company called MonitorEdu and will be launching a new online proctoring service that is powered by ProctorExam.

Mr Kassner is assembling a team of industry veterans and chose ProctorExam’s technology to power this new venture. The company will initially offer multiple proctoring modalities that can be delivered on one unified platform.
" The partnership with ProctorExam allows me to realize my vision of creating the ‘next generation’ of proctoring services based on a solid platform where we can combine human judgment with proctor assist technologies.” 
– Don Kassner, CEO of MonitorEdu
The new venture will initially focus on the U.S market and will leverage Mr Kassner’s industry recognition as one of the key architects of a segment that has been developing since the mid 2000’s.
 “We are very excited to be working with Don and his team. Our vision of the online proctoring world very much align and our skills are extremely complimentary. Don will make sure the best online proctoring service will be offered and we will make sure he has the tech to back it up. A new dream team is created. "
– Don Kassner, CEO of MonitorEdu

About MonitorEdu

Based outside of Nashville, TN, MonitorEDU was founded in early 2018. The company will provide exam delivery, security and identity management services through key technology partnerships. The company’s first formal partnership is with ProctorExam and management expects to roll out additional partnerships in the spring and summer of their first year.
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