Solutions for Professional Certification

Preserve security and integrity in the digital certification process, while ensuring global reach and flexibility, with ProctorExam’s leading proctoring software platform.

"PwC Academy Middle East, the talent and skills development business of PwC Middle East is partnering with ProctorExam to facilitate continued delivery of globally certified and recognised tax qualifications. This partnership aims to support the development and growth of businesses in the region."
- Semih Kumluk, Digital Academy Manager, PwC
" Thanks to ProctorExam, we are the first recognized organization in Germany, where it’s possible to obtain a drone driver’s license completely online"
- Jan Evers, CEO, Copteruni
"Since moving our online assessment platform to Surpass, and utilising the online invigilation service, provided by ProctorExam, we are confident in the security and quality of our assessments, and the experience for students has improved significantly. "
- Janet Legge, Director of Awarding Body, The ACT
" For the Laravel Certification it was important for us to have a trustworthy proctoring services. ProctorExam provided us software integration features that enabled us to reduce the overhead of running an important industry certification."
- Shawn McCool, CoFounder, Laravel Certification
proctoring professional certification

Uphold the Value of Professional Certification Exams 

For organisations that deliver certification exams online, it’s important to find reliable methods to secure high-stakes exam content. Without a reliable exam security solution, there’s no way to know if candidates referenced a cheat sheet or retrieved answers from a search engine.

ProctorExam offers automated proctoring software and live proctoring options so you can choose the solution that works for your exam. 

Customisable Monitoring for Professional Certification Exams 

With ProctorExam, you can choose the mode of proctoring best suited to the needs of your organisation and candidates. Whether you require live proctoring in real-time or the flexibility of post-exam review offered by proctoring software, our reviewing services help uphold the integrity of your exam.
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Live Proctoring

Trained proctors supervise and interact with candidates in real-time.

Proctors flag and document unusual behaviour or technical issues.

recorded proctoring

Record and Review

Any unusual behaviour or technical issues are time-stamped by trained proctors within 48 hours.

Live proctors aren’t necessary during exam sessions.

Available When Needed, No Matter Where Candidates Log On 

ProctorExam helps organisations enhance flexibility and accessibility for candidates in the online certification process. Our proctoring software allows organisations to expand their global reach while giving candidates who live in remote locations or different parts of the world the opportunity to test remotely, using their own devices.

proctoring professional certification
aviation proctoring

Data-Driven Insights for Each Exam Session 

With ProctorExam, test administrators gain access to post-exam reports that provide valuable exam-session insights, including attendance and reviewing status. View detailed reports that provide granular data pertaining to attendance, incidents, and average time spent testing.

Secure Your Professional Certification Exam with ProctorExam 

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