Remote examination continues to grow at VIVES for the 4th consecutive year

Working with ProctorExam since 2015, VIVES University offers today remote assessments with invigilation in 77% of its distance learning programs.
“Students are easily convinced. No traveling, traffic jams, parking, no exam room distractions.”
– Koen Verhulst, VIVES Central Services lead
Distance learning is at the core of VIVES University of Applied Sciences since 1997 and has been a natural field for experimentation when introducing online proctoring in the Belgium university in 2008. Today, 77% of all distance learning programs at VIVES are offering remote assessments with online proctoring, with the modality being also available to on-campus students.

From their first experimentation, more than 10 years ago, VIVES has involved faculty and teaching staff in the experience and process of remote proctoring, which was critical in the decision to choose ProctorExam at autumn 2015 after piloting with their own in-house solution for 7 years.

Since then, ProctorExam had helped VIVES’ students to easily take exams away from campus. ProctorExam’s innovative approach to proctoring, with dual view provided by mobile camera for instance, leads the trends of remote examination.

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Who is VIVES?

VIVES is an international university for applied sciences in Belgium. Starting with pilots based on voluntary programs, the Central Services team led by Koen Verhulst has managed to develop remote examination for high stake exams among the institution for four consecutive years.

For more information, please check VIVES distance learning program’s website.
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