Getting started

If you are ready to progress with ProctorExam, please complete this short form to start the onboarding process.

1. Confirming scope and statement of work  
Based on the information provided, your ProctorExam consultant will send you a quoted statement of work, and available time slots for your kickoff meeting. 
2. Kickoff meeting - 60 minutes
Your consultant will open your account, and support you with setting up ProctorExam environment for your institution, colleagues and different faculties. You will also receive an onboarding kit to inform your colleagues and relevant team members.
3. Institution webinar - 90 minutes
Based on the outcomes of your kickoff meeting, your ProctorExam consultant will run a live webinar, open to all relevant people in your institution, to get them started with their account and address questions.

About the implementation

Quote and invoicing information

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