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6 Simple Strategies to Prevent Cheating in Online Exams

6 simple strategies to prevent cheating in online exams

It can be interesting how creative students are when it gets to cheating an exam. From the old-school methods of writing small notes on paper, their palms or even their legs, to using various apps on their phones to collaborate with their peers, cheating behavior seems tempting in online exams too.
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Exams monitored remotely, through a computer

With the fast growth and usage of ProctorExam in France the famous french tech and science magazine Sciences et Avenir publishes an article about how ProctorExam is making life easier and enables students from the University La Sorbonne in #Paris to take their exams even if they cannot travel to campus.
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Take exams online

Studying online is popular, but students often have to leave home for exams. Daniel Haven, who is 27 years old, thinks it is unnecessarily expensive and outdated. With the ProctorExam software, students are closely monitored, and exams can simply be taken from the kitchen table.
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ProctorExam enables more than two million home exams during COVID-19

ProctorExam , the largest online proctoring company in Europe and the global leader in flexible SaaS proctoring technology, enables more than two million home exams during COVID-19. Those tests could not have taken place otherwise. Partners include universities, education technology/service providers and a range of old and new customers who have used ProctorExam's services in their transition to a fully digital experience.
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