The International Testing & Training Services partnered up with ProctorExam


New partnership opens up new testing channels

International Testing & Training Services (ITTS) and ProctorExam are partnering up to offer greater flexibility to test providers, awarding bodies and academic institutions.

By combining the long-standing experience and strong global presence of ITTS to the performance of ProctorExam infrastructure, this partnership aims to provide a full multimodal test delivery option, from on-site to full automated proctored test.

The benefits of the partnership

The collaboration between the two organisations opens up multiple opportunities for the computer based testing sector.

While ITTS will be able to offer secured remotely supervised exams as part of their testing modalities, ProctorExam will, thanks to this partnership, pursue its localisation approach, by opening up its network and platform to the 200+ ITTS testing centres worldwide.

“We are very proud of this new collaboration with an important actor in the field of testing. As ProctorExam continues to grow, our clients and partners keep on involving us earlier and earlier in the test design process. Being able to offer a streamline delivery strategy will be a tremendous added value to the ProctorExam network.”  

 – Daniel Haven, CEO at ProctorExam


Through the alliance with ProctorExam, ITTS will not only broaden its reach by being able to cover locations, through remote proctoring, where the conditions do not exist for setting up a test center, but also to offer the ProctorExam platform as a valuable stand-alone solution.

About ITTS

International Testing and Training Services (ITTS) provides a global network of Test Centers to Awarding Bodies such as AAT or ACCA, and Test Providers operating in the Academic, Corporate and Professional markets such as CastleWorldwide.

Services include the premises, equipment, staff and a Help Desk for clients and test takers alike in over 80 countries.



About  ProctorExam
Based out of Amsterdam, ProctorExam is the largest European online proctoring company and the global leader in providing SaaS proctoring technology. The ProctorExam Proctoring Infrastructure as a Service (PIaaS) includes the first 360 degrees monitoring capabilities by using the webcam and the smartphone camera simultaneously. The platform is fully web-based solution and highly customizable by making use of the range of API’s the platform offers. All modalities of online proctoring are possible from live proctoring to automated proctoring.

Reach out directly to ProctorExam if you would like to partner and offer your own online proctoring services.