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Provide more flexibility to your students, without sacrificing security.

In the classroom or at home

ProctorExam allows you to cater to your students' needs, giving them the freedom to choose when and where to take their exams, while maintaining the security of a traditional classroom. Our platform is built to function on the majority of modern devices, so the students are able to take exams using their own laptop. This means that you can use ProctorExam to facilitate remote exams as well as in-class exams with having to use fully equipped exam rooms.



Students are asked to identify themselves with a valid ID, just like in a real classroom. The exam sessions are carefully reviewed, by both algorithms and real people, ensuring that any suspicious behaviour is detected.


You will have access to the complete reports of every exam, as well as the video and audio recordings, enabling you to evaluate any incidents that occurred during the exam.

Seamless Integration

With ProctorExam, you are free to create your exams using the tools which best suit your needs. Our platform is fully web-based, and our APIs make it possible to use it in combination with any e-assessment tool.


We guarantee that your test takers’ privacy will be protected - as an EU-based company, ProctorExam operates according to European privacy laws and all our data is stored in the EU.

Case studies

ProctorExam offers exactly what online education is missing

Dr. Natasa Brouwer - Project leader ICT & Education innovation at University of Amsterdam

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