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Over the past year ProctorExam rolled out our new business model and this has turned out to be a huge success.

Since its inception in 2014 ProctorExam has stood out as a more technologically advanced and oriented platform than other live online proctoring vendors. In the early days of online proctoring most proctoring vendors were, and still are, heavily dependent on call-center like third-party software tools. Being in a “privacy-sensitive” part of the world, ProctorExam chose to build a proprietary platform that was not reliant on external foreign-based third-party software – with security built into the design. With it’s distinctive easy to use web-based interface and 2 camera angle for a full 360 online proctoring view, ProctorExam has clearly established its local market dominance in Europe.

      Being in a “privacy-sensitive” part of the world, ProctorExam chose to build a  proprietary platform that was not reliant on external foreign-based third-party software – with security built into the design.

As ProctorExam viewed the global market, a strategy began to take shape that we call “Proctoring Infrastructure as a Service”. As we looked at other successful global software companies, we saw the path to excellence through a focus on software as a service (SaaS) models.  Because of our focus on design and security, a new model for the next generation of proctoring services was obvious.

The model ProctorExam has created allows us to serve all markets globally. ProctorExam compliments current education service based companies by offering a fully ready online proctoring platform that further compliments their education portfolio. Because of the SaaS model the buying companies further localizes the ProctorExam online proctoring technology and brands it to its own liking.

Additionally, many corporate clients and awarding bodies are comfortable with implementing enterprise capable technologies that are supported by a strong service based support model.  As a result, ProctorExam has begun to put together the strongest global network of distributors and service providers in the industry.

Our Partners:


MonitorEdu  In the United States, the newly established MonitorEDU with the experienced team led by Don Kassner (Founder and former CEO of ProctorU) partnered with ProctorExam to roll out our services in the US and supports ProctorExam and our global market partners. MonitorEDU has the experience to help our partners implement our Proctoring Infrastructure as a Service model across many markets.

prot-os-logo   In Spain, ProctorExam has partnered with ProtOS. ProtOS is a large educational technology provider offering products such as Rosetta Stone and D2L Brightspace. ProtOS will focus on the Spanish speaking market, having signed quickly the first few contracts in Latin America and Spain. ProtOS has a large range of clientele in Higher education and large commercial companies.

logo_explain    In the Netherlands, the largest exam delivery service company eX:plain partnered with ProctorExam to offer a localized online proctoring service in Dutch. Due to the strong presence in the private and public sector, eX:plain will operate both in Higher-education and work with government bodies for large national testing programs. eX:Plain has recently launched their own proctoring brand powered by ProctorExam called “Proctoring-Services”.

norsktest   In Norway, ProctorExam has partnered with the experienced team from Norsk Test and ECDL Norway to offer Norwegian online proctoring services. Norsk Test is an important test engine in Norway which caters to a range of sectors including the Financial and Maritime sector.

Strategy-Directives-ProctorExam  In the Middle-East, ProctorExam has partnered with Strategy Directives whom will offer the first Arabic Online Proctoring services to the region. Strategy Directives will be working with governments, schools and HR companies to offer online proctoring solutions to the Middle-East.



We are always looking for new partner companies that we can work together with. Reach out to us directly and become part of the next generation of proctoring and exam security services.