World Literacy Day: How can online learning participate to strengthening worldwide access to education

In 1966, UNESCO declared 8th of September as the official day to observe the importance of literacy, a key component of many Sustainable Development Goals set to find guidance in developing the world in a sustainable way. Indeed, working towards better literacy around the world can positively impact the fight to reduce inequalities or even help providing decent work and economic growth for all. Being literate allows children and adults to become skillful individuals and contribute to the development of society as well as be independent and receive many opportunities in life.

This year’s theme for World Literacy day is embracing the real-time challenge posed by the health crisis: “Literacy teaching and learning in the COVID-19 crisis and beyond”. 

The importance of fighting for literacy with online learning and online examination solutions

When the world grappled with COVID-19, educational institutions turned to technology for continuity. The inability to have large gatherings meant that it was impossible to hold exams the conventional way. Online proctoring allowed digital exams to be delivered as securely as exams that would have been invigilated at a test center. A delay in obtaining relevant qualifications would have majorly affected students who are about to enter the workforce and young people trying to climb up the career ladder. Technology prevented a bottleneck situation from occurring in the field of education. Once again, technology made education more accessible in an extremely unprecedented situation.

New mediums of education must be embraced. Digital learning can be as good as learning in a physical classroom, sometimes even better for the circumstances faced by some learners. Education must be available through multiple channels. The internet has made it easier for educational resources to be more accessible. Educational organizations must utilize these tools to reach learners far and wide.

Online learning is the way forward to a more literate world and our mission at ProctorExam is today more than ever to facilitate the access to education for all.
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