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ProctorExam is Security Verified

ProctorExam, specialized in online proctoring, is Security Verified by the independent party in IT auditing ICT Institute. The certification confirms that ProctorExam is GDPR compliant and provides assurance about data protection and security for both exam takers and organizations.Security Verified is an open standard for information security similar to ISO 27001, with an emphasis on GDPR.
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Proctorexamen maakt online proctoring toegankelijker

De wereld van online proctoring is relevanter dan ooit. COVID-19 heeft ervoor gezorgd dat examens ineens alleen op afstand gemaakt konden worden. Online proctoring maakt het mogelijk om examens overal en op elk moment af te nemen middels surveillance op afstand.

Paving the way for online proctoring rules

There are still a few questions among students about online proctoring. Daniel Haven, the chairman of the National Student Union (LSVb) Lyle Muns and representatives from education and ICT got together to discuss the role of remote assessment in a hybrid future where the possibility to take an exam online appears to be a necessity rather than option.

Taking an exam in your pajamas is not a luxury

Before Corona, we had to explain why ProctorExam is a good alternative to offline testing. It was seen as a luxury, the possibility to take an exam in your pajamas. Now everyone understands its usefulness immediately.
6 Simple Strategies to Prevent Cheating in Online Exams

6 simple strategies to prevent cheating in online exams

It can be interesting how creative students are when it gets to cheating an exam. From the old-school methods of writing small notes on paper, their palms or even their legs, to using various apps on their phones to collaborate with their peers, cheating behavior seems tempting in online exams too.
Test Taker Concerns

Online exams – How to relieve test taker concerns

2020 was an unexpected change for all certification providers in the way assessments are conducted, giving rise to concerns. It is important to reassure test takers that this underlying shift is about to be a backbone of future education to the benefit of everyone involved.