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Mastering Online Proctoring and Assesment: Insights from Competas

Past event: Tuesday 17 October 2023, 11am – 11:30am BST In today’s digital age, online learning and remote assessment have become integral components of education and professional development. With this shift, the need for effective online proctoring and assessment solutions has never been more critical. Join ProctorExam by Turnitin and Competas for a free webinar, […]
How organisations can use online proctoring to help educators upskill

Webinar: 5 Reasons to Begin with Online Proctoring Webinar

Past event: Tuesday 23 May 2023, 10am – 11am BST In the era of sustainability, efficiency, change, and digital transformation, we are more aware than ever that we need to live, work, and play differently. In the digital age, technological innovations emerge constantly. Digital transformation has been a prime concern for a majority of organisations […]
Standards of Excellence for Live Proctoring

Standards of Excellence for Live Proctoring

Learn about the benefits of live proctoring for organisations that administer online exams and the standards of excellence that set ProctorExam’s team apart.
Improving the hybrid and blended testing experience

Improving the hybrid and blended testing experience

As we move away from in-person education in many parts of the globe, some are wondering whether the adoption of online learning in higher education and the business world will continue to persist post-pandemic and how such a shift would impact the way exams are conducted worldwide.
6 Simple Strategies to Prevent Cheating in Online Exams

6 simple strategies to prevent cheating in online exams

It can be interesting how creative students are when it gets to cheating an exam. From the old-school methods of writing small notes on paper, their palms or even their legs, to using various apps on their phones to collaborate with their peers, cheating behavior seems tempting in online exams too.
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