FUN MOOC chooses ProctorExam to develop MOOCs certification

France Université Numérique and ProctorExam signed a strategic partnership to deploy exam monitoring services in FUN MOOCs for the French market.
“We are very proud to be working with FUN and the 100+ institutes connected to the platform. With our focus on technology, we were able to offer a very clean and easy solution. Our mission, together with FUN, is to provide a full French online proctoring experience for the benefit of both Higher-education and the private sector in the Francophone region.”
– Daniel Haven, CEO, ProctorExam
After several months of testing, France Université Numérique has successfully deployed the remote online proctoring service by the Dutch company, ProctorExam. 

On June 3rd, 2019, France Université Numérique and ProctorExam signed a strategic partnership agreement to deploy ProctorExam's review monitoring service in FUN MOOCs.

With this partnership now in place, ProctorExam can work with FUN to further grow in the French speaking market.

An option for more than 130 higher education institutions     

As the first worldwide platform for French speaking MOOCs, FUN has seen a spectacular evolution in the number of its enrollments in the past 5 years, reaching more than 1,8 million learners. Since 2016, FUN has enabled students to take exams remotely and to obtain a certificate which is issued by the institution in charge of the course.

The more than 130 institutions producing MOOCs on FUN, including French and foreign higher education institutions, as well as other public structures, will benefit from this service by being able to provide certification to their program.

Early 2019, France Université Numérique chose the remote monitoring solution proposed by ProctorExam to supervise exams in the MOOCs which are available on the FUN platform. The service has been installed and tested since the beginning of the year; it has been used in real exams since April.

The solution requires sharing both screen and webcam video streams. Candidates are not required to make an appointment; the learner chooses to take the exam whenever he feels ready. Based on the expertise of ProctorExam, France Université Numérique chooses not only the security of taking an exam remotely, but also a user-experience adapted to current usage in order to continue to develop the attractiveness of certification.

A European choice

Founded in 2014 in the Netherlands, ProctorExam has worked in close collaboration with stakeholders in European continuous education. ProctorExam specializes in the management of video streams in an examination context. A standardized platform that can be integrated into any digital learning environment, ProctorExam has been working for more than two years on technical and legislative collaborations with nine European university partners with a focus on defining a transparent application framework for the management of data related to the remote monitoring of examinations.
“Through this partnership, we are providing our members with an online exam service that is more efficient and easier to implement. The reform of continuing training has paved the way for short, distance-based and certifying training courses: from this perspective, this system is taking an important step forward to meet this demand. Working with a European data storage company within the Union is another step in a continuous improvement of our compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.”
– Catherine Mongenet, Director, France Université Numérique

About France Université Numérique

France Université Numérique was launched in 2013 to provide the higher French education institutions with a MOOC dissemination platform. The objectives of this organization are to manage the platform and its evolutions, to develop new partnerships and activities within the framework of lifelong learning and to increase its international visibility, especially in the French-speaking world. The FUN platform was the first platform deployed nationwide using Open edX and was created with strict data management policy rules.

Five years later, FUN MOOC is a reference platform in France and the French-speaking countries. 

With more than 130 members and partners and more than 500 MOOCs. It has 1.8 million learners and more than 6.5 million enrollments. France Université Numérique has developed a white-label platform offered to organizations who want to implement their own editorial policy and has also created a subsidiary to be able to respond better to requests from partner organizations and to support the development of continuous professional development.

For more information, please check FUN MOOC website.
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