User-Friendly Proctoring Services for Language Certification

Uphold integrity in the language certification process with ProctorExam’s trusted digital platform and experienced team of exam invigilators.

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"Through this partnership, we are providing our members with an online exam service that is more efficient and easier to implement. Working with a company within the Union is another step in a continuous improvement of our compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation."
- Centre d'exàmens Girona
“When we turned to ProctorExam, customers had been waiting for this solution and they considered it helped their testing and certification processes. Proctors and administrators saw it as a tool that makes their job more efficient. The ProctorExam platform is easy to use, effective and the team behind it is always supportive and open to suggestions. So far, we’ve managed to offer our certification services in different countries in Latin America, since it would be the only solution remotely proctored."
  ILTO Exams, International Language Testing Organization

“Implementation was fast but what is even better is that we have saved hours of work. The system is user-friendly and easy to use. The interface, as well as the ability to connect from everywhere without needing to install anything — which adds to candidates’ privacy — is what we most like about the experience with ProctorExam.”
- Virginia Lyons Exam Centre
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The Human Factor: What Sets ProctorExam Apart 

For organisations making the transition from in-person to online testing, a web-based proctoring solution can boost flexibility and accessibility in the certification process while keeping exam sessions secure.

With ProctorExam’s live proctoring services, your organisation can proctor language exams while realising all the benefits of an online proctoring tool and maintaining the human interaction typical of in-person exams.

Top Benefits of Live Proctoring 

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Privacy by design

Invigilators undergo extensive training with recorded exam sessions, audited for accuracy.

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Choice of supervision

The communication channel is open throughout the exam to reduce flagged incidents* and provide technical support.

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Available when needed

Invigilators can communicate specific exam instructions set forth by the organisation.

* Among ProctorExam clients who use Live Proctoring, the percentage of exam sessions with flagged incidents decreased from 15% to 2% by the end of 2021.

Supporting Online Testing for Language Certification 

ProctorExam offers customisable, user-friendly solutions to meet the needs of various testing organisations, and our support team is dedicated to providing a smooth experience for organisations and candidates alike.

Hear from Dataprox, who recently partnered with ProctorExam to make English language assessments available in China:

“ProctorExam's online support has fast response time to solve technical issues. This is critical for us to submit results on time and give feedback. So far everything is running smoothly. Our clients and team are happy.”
- Dataprox
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proctoring language

Expand the Reach of Your Certification Exam 

For candidates who live in remote locations or different parts of the world, in-person testing can create barriers to certification. Travel costs and time spent commuting may make your exam less accessible for your candidates, limiting your reach and potentially impacting the next generation of professionals.

With ProctorExam, your organisation can proctor language exams while safeguarding digital testing and promoting convenient access to exam sessions, no matter where candidates log on.

Preserve the Value of Your Exam’s Credential 

Organisations that grant certification and licensure are the gatekeepers for professional practice, so keeping online exams secure is important to ensure candidates are prepared to enter their professions.

ProctorExam offers automated or live options for proctoring language exams, allowing you to choose the security solution best suited to the needs of your organisation.

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Select the Reviewing Service That Works for You 

Whether you require live proctoring in real-time or the flexibility of post-exam review, our reviewing services help uphold the integrity of your exam.
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Live Proctoring

Trained proctors supervise and interact with candidates in real-time.

Proctors flag and document unusual behaviour or technical issues.

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Record and Review

Any unusual behaviour or technical issues are time-stamped by trained proctors within 48 hours.

Live proctors aren’t necessary during exam sessions.

Secure Your Professional Certification Exam with ProctorExam