OEB 2021: Shaping the future of learning 

1-3 December 2021 • Berlin, Germany
We are looking forward to joining OEB 2021 in Berlin on 1-3 December. Our team will be there to discuss how resilience can be the secret to overcoming the past and the key to the future of distance learning.

Investing in online proctoring means investing in resilience. It has been more than a year when NHL Stenden - a multi-campus university of applied sciences located in the Netherlands - faced an unprecedented educational challenge. How to ensure their 24,000 students could not only pursue their academic courses, but also securely and conveniently pass their exams, while being fully remote? Being partnered with ProctorExam, gave NHL Stenden the flexibility to organise thousands of online exams in a short period of time. The ProctorExam system was easily adjusted to fit their needs, whereas they have experienced very few technical issues.

Looking at one of our oldest clients, distance learning had been at the core of VIVES University of Applied Sciences since 1997. Today, 77% of all distance learning programs at VIVES offer remote assessments with online proctoring, with the modality being also available to on-campus students. They have successfully involved their own faculty and teaching staff in the process, which was critical in the decision to choose ProctorExam in autumn 2015, after piloting with their own in-house solution for seven years. ProctorExam provided VIVES with the necessary independence and resilience. 

About OEB

Online Educa Berlin (OEB) is the annual global, cross-sector conference and exhibition on digital learning and training. The event has a unique focus, bringing you to the forefront of developments in learning technology. Since 1995, insights gained at OEB have pointed the way towards the future of learning.
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