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Paving the way for online proctoring rules

There are still a few questions among students about online proctoring. Daniel Haven, the chairman of the National Student Union (LSVb) Lyle Muns and representatives from education and ICT got together to discuss the role of remote assessment in a hybrid future where the possibility to take an exam online appears to be a necessity rather than option.
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ProctorExam enables more than two million home exams during COVID-19

ProctorExam , the largest online proctoring company in Europe and the global leader in flexible SaaS proctoring technology, enables more than two million home exams during COVID-19. Those tests could not have taken place otherwise. Partners include universities, education technology/service providers and a range of old and new customers who have used ProctorExam's services in their transition to a fully digital experience.
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ProctorExam is Security Verified

ProctorExam, specialized in online proctoring, is Security Verified by the independent party in IT auditing ICT Institute. The certification confirms that ProctorExam is GDPR compliant and provides assurance about data protection and security for both exam takers and organizations.Security Verified is an open standard for information security similar to ISO 27001, with an emphasis on GDPR.
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